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Here Are The Top Three Weapons Used In Martial Arts

You can rest assured, the best weapon to use in martial arts (especially in modern times) will always be your hands and your feet. However, if your looking for a more intense sparring session or to put on a “cooler” looking demonstration then you can turn to any of the following weapons to help.


    1. Shinai

The shinai is used in the Japanese martial art of Kendo. The use of this weapon and fighting style is more difficult than most in that it involves the use of two hands on the weapon and, in general, is a much heavier fighting style. The shinai is almost always made out of bamboo and because of this it is used in only demonstrations because in modern combat the weapon would break very easily, leaving the person using it between a rock and a hard place.shinai


    1. Escrima

The escrima is a two or so foot long wooden stick that is primarily used in the Philippines fighting style known as Kali but sometimes referred to as escrima itself due to the popular and widespread use of the weapon throughout the discipline. The focus with the escrima is to deliver highly targeted high-impact strikes to your opponent. This is used to help practitioners prepare for an actual knife fight but is still mostly only used in sparring and demonstrations.escvrima-stick


    1. Nunchaku

You might not recognize this weapon based on it’s printed name but you almost certainly will based on hearing it’s name or by seeing it’s picture. Nunchucks (the american-ized spelling of the name) were originally popularized by the great Bruce Lee. Since then they have become globally popular in many forms of martial arts. Once again, these probably aren’t the best idea for use in a street fight both because they are illegal for personal use in many places and also because they tend to be ineffective against knives and other weapons. Although, they are excellent for demonstrations and sparring because they increase coordination as well as overall form and posture.9273141739765

Incredible Martial Artists With Incredible Powers

When it comes to martial arts, some are just heads and shoulders above the rest. In fact, some even reach the incredible level of god among men. This article will chronicle the most famous of those god-like beings who mastered martial arts in some truly amazing ways.

  • Zhang Feng

    Zhang packs a powerful punch. In fact, his punch is apparently so powerful that by punching the air three feet away from lit candles he can extinguish them. This is known as the sunshine punch and Zhang is the only known person currently claiming to be able to perform it. This certainly brings new meaning to the phrase “Blow out your candles!”

  • Ho Eng Hui

    Never heard of him? Join the club – most haven’t. However, after reading about his incredible strength you’ll be shocked that you haven’t. Over the years Ho has worked up the ability through great training and discipline to use his index finger to break through the shell of a coconut in a single strike. If that doesn’t sound impressive consider this: coconuts are most routinely broken by humans using hammers, yes you read that right, hammers. This also means that he could very likely break through a human’s skull in a single strike with his finger. Thankfully, he’s never had to try.

  • Mak Yuree

    This guy can really kick it up a notch. Mak can kick, striking with his shin, straight through a bundle of three baseball bats. This might not sound incredible impressive but it is. To put this into perspective, breaking one baseball bat takes 740 pounds of force. So, in order to break three one would need 2240 pounds of force!

  • Zhou Chengli

    This one hurts to think about from a male perspective. Zhou also has a toughened appendage after years of training. This one is a bit more “private”. Zhou is now impervious to pain from being struck in the groin after years of enduring the brutal training of striking himself there. But don’t think Zhou is all work in no play – he “trains” in public providing quite the show.

  • Li Liangbin

    This is another amazing yet very weird martial arts ability. Li Liangbin has developed such crazy neck muscles that he can hang from a noose that hangs from a tree while breathing with complete ease. Li has said that training to earn this ability was by far the hardest and most painful part.

The Most Dangerous Martial Arts Techniques Known To Man

Not all martial arts are created equal. Granted, they all have their benefits—be they psychological, spiritual, physical, or other. However, when it comes to brutal force and efficacy in combat, there are definitely certain disciplines that are far more appropriate. To that end, what we have here are three fighting styles that combine some of the most dangerous martial arts techniques.  


  Russia is a country that has experienced numerous invasions over the course of its often tumultuous history. From the Mongols to the Huns to the French to the Germans, it seems that Mother Russia is constantly being attacked. As a result, it’s not at all surprising that the Russians have perfected many dangerous martial arts techniques. In fact, many Russian martial arts over the years have incorporated techniques form their previous invaders that they then use against future foes.   There is one Russian martial art that stands out as being particularly brutal. Developed around the time of the Russian revolution in 1917, Sambo involves disarming opponents and then throwing them to the ground. Once on the floor, the objective is to break the attacker’s bones and tear apart their joints. The very word ‘Sambo’ is actually a Russian acronym, and literally means ‘Self Defense Without Weapons’.   Sambo was originally only taught to Red Army soldiers and government agents. However, as crime became more widespread, many bodyguards adopted this martial art, with some even adding an extra move at the end in which they will actually kill the would be attacker with their own knife. Being killed with your own weapon is the epitome of shame and dishonor in the machismo driven Russian culture.  

Muay Thai

  Thailand is another country that has been subject to attacks and invasions over its lengthy history. Thus, just like the Russians, the Thai have developed their own set of devastatingly dangerous martial arts techniques that are fatal when employed correctly and at full force. The most deadly martial art in Thailand is undoubtedly Muay Thai , otherwise known as “the art of 8 limbs”. In other words, in Muay Thai the knees and elbows are considered to be independent members, and not just part of the legs and arms respectively. A Muay Thai expert knows how to use his or her elbows and knees like golf clubs in order to throw extremely hard and crippling blows against the bodies of their opponents.   Muay Thai is no joke, and whereas other martial arts have techniques with sweet sounding names such as “shifting sands” and “transposition of shadows, in Muay Thai you’ll find the “Buffalo Punch” designed to down a water buffalo with a single blow.   Today competitive Muay Thai is an extremely popular spectator sport in Thailand. The fighters in the ring wear boxing gloves, although there was a time when they only wore hand wraps. Contrary to the urban myth, there was never a time when Muay Thai fighters would adhere broken glass to their hand wraps. Nonetheless, the hand wraps they used before boxing gloves were about as soft as cement, and besides, hand protection is of no use when you’re being pumelled by flying knees and elbows. At any rate, the introduction of boxing gloves to Muay Thai has made the once common deaths in the ring slightly less so.  


  There is no army on Earth that is active in more diverse places than the United States Marine Corps. All of the different dangerous mnartial arts techniques from the various different places in the world where the Marines have been active since their founding in 1775 have been brought together to form the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program or MCMAP….or “Semper Fu” as the Marines themselves jokingly refer to it. The modern version of MCMAP also includes the use of improvised weapons.   Although the many different techniques that come together to form MCMAP date back centuries, MCMAP proper didn’t come into being in 2001. Previous to this year that saw the twin towers tumble and a brand new wave of military action in the middle east begin, the Marines had employed a martial arts system called LINE which had been formalized in the 1980s. The switch from LINE to MCMAP owed much to the fact that the Marines increasingly found themselves in missions where the objective wasn’t necessarily to eliminate their adversaries. As a result, the movements in MCMAP can be used to completely destroy a part of the opponent’s body or simply submerge them in unspeakable pain, but are not necessarily intended to result in death. Article contributed by

5 Defensive Martial Arts Techniques Every Person Should Know

There are many good people in this world who love to live peacefully with one another. There are also many bad people out there who thrive in violence, and will attack you for no apparent reason. Because of this, you should always be ready to protect yourself and your family at any given time. Here are five defensive martial arts techniques that you can use to protect yourself from an attacker:  

Joint Locks

  Joint locks are one of the best defensive martial arts techniques you can use to force your opponent into a non-threatening and submissive position. They involve manipulating the knees, wrists, elbows and other joints beyond their normal range to dislocate or break the bones, tear the tendons and ligaments or injure the muscles.   There are 5 main types of joint locks – leg, arm, wrist, spinal and small joint manipulation. Leg locks, like ankle lock, knee bar or heel hook, are intended to disable the ankle, knee or hip. Arm locks such as elbow lock, key lock, shoulder lock, and arm bar, aims at hyper-extending or hyper-rotating an opponent’s elbow, shoulder or arm.   In addition, wrist locks are intended to rotate, hyperextend or hyperflex your attacker’s wrist, while small joint manipulation, twists the fingers and toes. Finally, spinal locks such as neck crank, twister, can opener and spine crack, cause excruciating pain to the opponent by breaking or dislocating the neck and spine.  


  Also referred to as strangleholds or chokeholds, chokes are grappling holds which are applied to the neck of the opponent to cause unconsciousness. You’ve probably seen this technique being used in classic films, where a villain wraps his or her powerful hands around the neck of the victim and squeezes life out of him. In reality however, this technique require less physical force and instead uses leverage or the opponent’s clothes to cut blood supply to the brain, or make breathing difficult or both.   The two main types of chokes are air and blood chokes. Air chokes are used to compress and squeeze the upper airway passages, resulting in pain, gagging and suffocation. On the other hand, blood chokes aims at pinching the jugular veins and carotid arteries. This act cuts off blood circulation and supply to the opponent’s brain, and renders him or her unconscious.  


  Strikes involve using different parts of the body to cause injury or pain to your opponent. Legs, arms, the head, butt, shoulder or hips can be used when striking the opponent depending on which martial art you’re practicing.   Leg strikes for instance, involve striking with the knees or foot. Arm striking, on the other hand, involve using your wrists, elbows, fingers or fist to strike your attacker in various ways. For instance, you can rip the flesh and vital body points of the other person by holding your hand in a claw-like grasp.   Examples of closed hand strike techniques you can use include hammer fists and punches. Open hand strike techniques include knife hand, palm strike, spear hand and cupped hand.  


  These are strikes involving the feet, legs, knees and toes with the aim of blocking or deflecting the attacker’s advances. There are two types of kicks you can do – simple and advanced. Simple kicks such as the side, front, round house or back kick can be performed in any of these ways. You can either lock your knees to deliver a straight leg and focused kick, or deliver the kick through the hips and knee.   Advanced kicks include calf, ax, butterfly, flying, jumping, crescent and hook. You can either use them individually or in different combinations to deliver the best defense for yourself. However, for advanced kicks to be successful, your balance, flair and speed must be exceptional.  

Takedowns and Throws

  In the past, these two techniques have been associated with wresting. However, as martial arts continue to spread throughout the world, people are increasingly embracing them for self defense too.   Throws involve off-balancing your opponent and throwing him or her to the ground, while you remain on your feet. Some common throws practiced in martial arts are shoulder throws, sacrifice throws and leg throws (such as trips and reaps).   Takedowns also involve off-balancing your opponent and throwing him or her to the ground. However, unlike in throws where you remain on your feet throughout the whole process, in takedowns, your aim is to be in a position of power when you and your opponent both land on the ground.   Take time to learn these defensive martial arts techniques for the sake of your safety and that of your family.