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Incredible Martial Artists With Incredible Powers

When it comes to martial arts, some are just heads and shoulders above the rest. In fact, some even reach the incredible level of god among men. This article will chronicle the most famous of those god-like beings who mastered martial arts in some truly amazing ways.

  • Zhang Feng

    Zhang packs a powerful punch. In fact, his punch is apparently so powerful that by punching the air three feet away from lit candles he can extinguish them. This is known as the sunshine punch and Zhang is the only known person currently claiming to be able to perform it. This certainly brings new meaning to the phrase “Blow out your candles!”

  • Ho Eng Hui

    Never heard of him? Join the club – most haven’t. However, after reading about his incredible strength you’ll be shocked that you haven’t. Over the years Ho has worked up the ability through great training and discipline to use his index finger to break through the shell of a coconut in a single strike. If that doesn’t sound impressive consider this: coconuts are most routinely broken by humans using hammers, yes you read that right, hammers. This also means that he could very likely break through a human’s skull in a single strike with his finger. Thankfully, he’s never had to try.

  • Mak Yuree

    This guy can really kick it up a notch. Mak can kick, striking with his shin, straight through a bundle of three baseball bats. This might not sound incredible impressive but it is. To put this into perspective, breaking one baseball bat takes 740 pounds of force. So, in order to break three one would need 2240 pounds of force!

  • Zhou Chengli

    This one hurts to think about from a male perspective. Zhou also has a toughened appendage after years of training. This one is a bit more “private”. Zhou is now impervious to pain from being struck in the groin after years of enduring the brutal training of striking himself there. But don’t think Zhou is all work in no play – he “trains” in public providing quite the show.

  • Li Liangbin

    This is another amazing yet very weird martial arts ability. Li Liangbin has developed such crazy neck muscles that he can hang from a noose that hangs from a tree while breathing with complete ease. Li has said that training to earn this ability was by far the hardest and most painful part.

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