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The Most Dangerous Martial Arts Techniques Known To Man

Not all martial arts are created equal. Granted, they all have their benefits—be they psychological, spiritual, physical, or other. However, when it comes to brutal force and efficacy in combat, there are definitely certain disciplines that are far more appropriate. To that end, what we have here are three fighting styles that combine some of the most dangerous martial arts techniques.


Russia is a country that has experienced numerous invasions over the course of its often tumultuous history. From the Mongols to the Huns to the French to the Germans, it seems that Mother Russia is constantly being attacked. As a result, it’s not at all surprising that the Russians have perfected many dangerous martial arts techniques. In fact, many Russian martial arts over the years have incorporated techniques form their previous invaders that they then use against future foes.
There is one Russian martial art that stands out as being particularly brutal. Developed around the time of the Russian revolution in 1917, Sambo involves disarming opponents and then throwing them to the ground. Once on the floor, the objective is to break the attacker’s bones and tear apart their joints. The very word ‘Sambo’ is actually a Russian acronym, and literally means ‘Self Defense Without Weapons’.
Sambo was originally only taught to Red Army soldiers and government agents. However, as crime became more widespread, many bodyguards adopted this martial art, with some even adding an extra move at the end in which they will actually kill the would be attacker with their own knife. Being killed with your own weapon is the epitome of shame and dishonor in the machismo driven Russian culture.

Muay Thai

Thailand is another country that has been subject to attacks and invasions over its lengthy history. Thus, just like the Russians, the Thai have developed their own set of devastatingly dangerous martial arts techniques that are fatal when employed correctly and at full force. The most deadly martial art in Thailand is undoubtedly Muay Thai , otherwise known as “the art of 8 limbs”. In other words, in Muay Thai the knees and elbows are considered to be independent members, and not just part of the legs and arms respectively. A Muay Thai expert knows how to use his or her elbows and knees like golf clubs in order to throw extremely hard and crippling blows against the bodies of their opponents.
Muay Thai is no joke, and whereas other martial arts have techniques with sweet sounding names such as “shifting sands” and “transposition of shadows, in Muay Thai you’ll find the “Buffalo Punch” designed to down a water buffalo with a single blow.
Today competitive Muay Thai is an extremely popular spectator sport in Thailand. The fighters in the ring wear boxing gloves, although there was a time when they only wore hand wraps. Contrary to the urban myth, there was never a time when Muay Thai fighters would adhere broken glass to their hand wraps. Nonetheless, the hand wraps they used before boxing gloves were about as soft as cement, and besides, hand protection is of no use when you’re being pumelled by flying knees and elbows. At any rate, the introduction of boxing gloves to Muay Thai has made the once common deaths in the ring slightly less so.


There is no army on Earth that is active in more diverse places than the United States Marine Corps. All of the different dangerous mnartial arts techniques from the various different places in the world where the Marines have been active since their founding in 1775 have been brought together to form the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program or MCMAP….or “Semper Fu” as the Marines themselves jokingly refer to it. The modern version of MCMAP also includes the use of improvised weapons.
Although the many different techniques that come together to form MCMAP date back centuries, MCMAP proper didn’t come into being in 2001. Previous to this year that saw the twin towers tumble and a brand new wave of military action in the middle east begin, the Marines had employed a martial arts system called LINE which had been formalized in the 1980s. The switch from LINE to MCMAP owed much to the fact that the Marines increasingly found themselves in missions where the objective wasn’t necessarily to eliminate their adversaries. As a result, the movements in MCMAP can be used to completely destroy a part of the opponent’s body or simply submerge them in unspeakable pain, but are not necessarily intended to result in death.

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